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welcome 2 my web page!!!

daddy doms are the creepies t shit 


really truly

why is that still going on 


  • birds dont give a shit about your haircut
  • birds make noise early in the morning because they know that people have to get up for work in a few hours
  • cuckoo birds lay their eggs in the nests of other birds because they are notorious alcoholics and unfit to raise a child
  • birds do not actually have calls and are in fact speaking in tongues to raise the dead
  • birds dont care if you live or die

(via smallcutebirds)


thanks, pal
i think that too
gotta say though, this is rly well-timed because my skin has not been clear for like 3 weeks and i was starting to fret about it. but now i remember that it’s fine since i’m hot in the first place.

wow i’m extremely lonely like i cannot force myself to care about the people who are around me 

everyone i give a shit about is far away and almost all of them are staying far away

even if i make actual friends here i’m moving in 2 months


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